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El Naturalista

El Naturalista
Fashioned in Spain, the El Naturalista range of shoes combine traditional craftsmanship with an ethically aware focus on making the world a better place. At a time when Europe is going through crisis, now is a good time to remember that continent's fine craft traditions. The shoes and sandals are lovingly made by hand, with attention getting-colours and styles. You can walk all day in the soft, comfortable soles and the leather uppers will last for years.

El Naturalista is committed to doing well by the planet, and the company uses as many recycled products as possible in its shoes’ design and manufacture. In addition, a percentage of the company’s profits are returned to projects such as schools and community projects in Africa.

To feel good on your feet and feel good in your heart, order El Naturalista through Shoes2u.

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El Naturaista NE59 Vegano women's sandals in brown size Eu 38 only

Faux leather sandals from Spain.


$59.98 (save 54%)

El Naturaista NE59 Vegano women's sandals in red size 38 only LAST PAIR

Faux leather sandals from Spain.


$59.98 (save 54%)

El Naturaista NH96 Vegano Red women's sandal

Faux leather sandals from Spain.


$139.99 (save 30%)

El Naturalista NF02 Logo Wood shoes for men

Classy European-made men's leather shoes


$120.00 (save 52%)

El Naturalista N415 Wakataua bamboo flats in black size Eu 38 only

Spanish-made leather flats for women


$79.99 (save 53%)

EL Naturalista ND77 Vegano Wakataua women's shoes in brown sizes Eu 39, 41, 42 only

Spanish-made mock-leather ladies' shoes


$99.99 HALF PRICE!

El Naturalista N52 Stella black Spanish-made slip-ons for women

Summer shoes from Spain.


$120.00 (save 48%)

EL Naturalista NF42 Zumaia corn mixed women's sandal size Eu 42 only

Summer sandals from Spain.


$99.99 (save 55%)

El Naturalista N326 Vegan flats for women in jade green sizes Eu 37, 40 only

Vegan-friendly European-made leather-free flats


$91.10 (save 39%)

El Naturalista ND03 Velocita women's ballet flats in homemade brown sizes Eu 38, 40

Spanish shoes for women


$99.99 (save 52%)

El Naturalista ND32 Cares Brown Contradicion unisex sandals sizes Eu 41, 43, 44

Unisex sandals made in Europe


$69.98 (save 56%)

El Naturalista No342 viola size Eu 36 LAST PAIR

Great lace-up shoes from the famous Spanish shoemaker!


$49.98 (save 78%)