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Brady Mid men's boots in brown by Caterpillar sizes US 7, 12 only

Lace-up boots from Cat


$59.98 (save 70%)

Classic Mini Australian-made ugg boots in chocolate brown sizes AUS M9, 11 only

Ugg boots made in Australia by an Australian-owned company


$75.01 HALF PRICE!

Crocs Blitzen II winter clogs in sizes M5/W7, M9/W11, M11

The Croc meets the ugg


$39.99 (save 43%)

Crocs Classic Flip in walnut brown size M12 LAST PAIR

Get ready for summer in this great pair of flip flops from Crocs. Superb jandals that will last for ages and give great support.


$19.99 (save 33%)

Crocs Classic Slide in black

Easy-wearing shoes from Crocs


Crocs LoPro Slides in black sizes US M8, M10 only

Slip-ons for summer


$29.99 (save 33%)

EL Naturalista NE50 European-made Waraji navy blue unisex sandals size Eu 41 LAST PAIR

Faux leather cogs from Spain.


$59.98 (save 54%)

Fly London Watt men's boots in washed black leather Eu 44 LAST PAIR

A lace-up, ankle-high boot for men in a washed leather look.


$99.99 (save 63%)

Diadora Atomic sandal for men in black and orange US 10 LAST PAIR

Travel the world with Diadora


$29.99 (save 33%)

Be suede men's boots by Fly London Eu 44 LAST PAIR

Short on name, long on style


$69.99 (save 70%)

Billie Dustin black boots for men size Eu 44 LAST SIZE

Black boots for guys designed in Australia


$39.99 (save 56%)

Chestnut 3/4-length ugg boots

Keep warm, look hot.


$99.99 (save 40%)

Fly London Ochs elastic-sided boots for men in brown size Eu 45 LAST PAIR

British-designed elastic-sided boot for men


$69.98 (save 70%)

Fly London Thon leather shoes for men in white Eu 43 LAST PAIR

British-designed leather shoes for men


$99.99 HALF PRICE!

Waft leather men's boots by Fly London

Black leather boots for men from Europe


$249.99 (save 14%)

Caterpillar Brakeman honey-coloured lace-up safety boots for men size US M10 Eu 43 LAST SIZE PAIR

Hard-wearing, stylish boots.


$81.09 (save 68%)

Dunlop Volley Safety in black sizes UK 8, 11, 12 only



$39.99 (save 43%)

Muski Florence River black leather slip-ons for men size 41 LAST PAIR

Finely crafted and stylish slip-on for men.


$39.99 (save 70%)

YSO black leather shoe for men size 45 only LAST PAIR

Superb stylish leather shoes.


$29.99 (save 77%)

Redback Alpine lace-up brown safety

Hard-wearing, Australian made lace-up safety boot.


$99.99 (save 44%)

Crocs Islander Sport black US M9 LAST SIZE

Casual and stylish shoes for blokes


$29.99 (save 63%)

Diadora Study leather shoes for youths and adults sizes US 2, 9, 11 only

Leather shoes for school or work


$45.00 (save 44%)

El Naturalista ND32 Cares Brown Contradicion unisex sandals sizes Eu 41, 43, 44

Unisex sandals made in Europe


$69.98 (save 56%)

Collegien Tightrope French-made knitted slipper socks sizes LAST PAIR 46/47 only

French-made slipper socks with weaterproof soles.


$29.99 HALF PRICE!