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Dating back to the 19th century, Slazenger is one of the world's oldest sporting brands. Its long association with tennis and cricket has seen it produce some of the world's best sports shoes for all sorts of conditions.


Slazenger Baseline black kids' trainers, school shoes, runners

Black trainers that are easy to put on


Slazenger Baseline black kids' leather trainers

On the court, we're in back in black


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Slazenger Baseline white and silver kids' trainers sizes UK 8, 9 10 only

On the court, we're in back in white


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Slazenger Baseline 2 for kids in white, navy and silver kids size Uk c8 only infant

Great kids' athletic shoe.


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Slazenger Titanium Y White/pink/silver (kids) UK4 only LAST SIZE

Keep fit and look cool


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