School shoes

School shoes

School shoes
School shoes


Slazenger Baseline black kids' trainers, school shoes, runners

Black trainers that are easy to put on


Black Kids' 531 Blundstone leather boots

Blundstones for kids.


$79.99 (save 33%)

Slazenger Baseline black kids' leather trainers

On the court, we're in back in black


$24.99 HALF PRICE!

Blundstone (7030 & 7031) Harford black lace-up school shoes size c12.5, c13 only

Blundstone black lace up school shoe for kids.


$39.99 (save 64%)

Diadora Mary Jane leather school shoes sizes US 11, 5, 6

Leather shoes for school


Diadora Study leather school shoes with Velcro sizes US 13, 1 only

Leather shoes for school


$39.99 (save 43%)

Diadora Study leather shoes for youths and adults sizes US 2, 9, 11 only

Leather shoes for school or work


$45.00 (save 44%)

Slazenger Baseline white and silver kids' trainers sizes UK 8, 9 10 only

On the court, we're in back in white


$24.99 HALF PRICE!

Diadora Fusion 3 boys' trainer in blue and orange

Trainer for children


$39.99 (save 20%)

Dunlop Volley International black

The roof tilers' choice for a sure grip.


$34.99 (save 13%)

Diadora Flexi Youth Velcro sports shoe in navy and white sizes c US 11, 12

Italian-designed trainers for children


$29.99 (save 40%)

Dunlop Volley International Youth in white with blue trim sizes UK 13 only LAST SIZE

Kids and teens will love these classics


Meyu Ballerina shoe size Eu 35 LAST PAIR

Strong school shoes for active girls
(NO MORE STOCK AVAILABLE -once these quantities are sold)


$29.99 (save 77%)

Slazenger Baseline 2 for kids in white, navy and silver kids size Uk c8 only infant

Great kids' athletic shoe.


$19.99 (save 56%)