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Edge kids' black sneakers by Clarks size c8, 9 only

Runners for new children


$34.99 (save 46%)

El Naturaista NE59 Vegano women's sandals in brown size Eu 38 only

Faux leather sandals from Spain.


$59.98 (save 54%)

El Naturaista NE59 Vegano women's sandals in red size 38 only LAST PAIR

Faux leather sandals from Spain.


$59.98 (save 54%)

El Naturaista NH96 Vegano Red women's sandal

Faux leather sandals from Spain.


$139.99 (save 30%)

El Naturalista N206 black and white dress trainers for men size Eu 43 LAST PAIR

Stylish men's trainer


$120.00 (save 55%)

El Naturalista N326 Vegan flats for women in jade green sizes Eu 37, 40 only

Vegan-friendly European-made leather-free flats


$91.10 (save 39%)

El Naturalista N415 Wakataua bamboo flats in black size Eu 38 only

Spanish-made leather flats for women


$79.99 (save 53%)

El Naturalista N52 Stella black Spanish-made slip-ons for women

Summer shoes from Spain.


$120.00 (save 48%)

El Naturalista ND03 Velocita women's ballet flats in homemade brown sizes Eu 38, 40

Spanish shoes for women


$99.99 (save 52%)

El Naturalista ND32 Cares Brown Contradicion unisex sandals sizes Eu 41, 43, 44

Unisex sandals made in Europe


$69.98 (save 56%)

EL Naturalista ND77 Vegano Wakataua women's shoes in brown

Spanish-made mock-leather ladies' shoes


$99.99 HALF PRICE!

El Naturalista NF02 Logo Wood shoes for men

Classy European-made men's leather shoes


$120.00 (save 52%)

EL Naturalista NF42 Zumaia corn mixed women's sandal size Eu 42 only

Summer sandals from Spain.


$99.99 (save 55%)

El Naturalista No342 viola size Eu 36 LAST PAIR

Great lace-up shoes from the famous Spanish shoemaker!


$49.98 (save 78%)

Electro navy and electric blue shoes for children from Crocs sizes C4 - C9

Great Crocs for kids that stay on their feet.


$34.99 (save 30%)